Images Copyright Scott Humphrey 2011-2020, SRHPhoto & Selective Digtial
Christmas Card Designs
Robin 2016
This is the first Christmas
card I made. While the card
was designed in 2016, the
image was taken in 2014 from
my archives.
Bauble 2017
For the 2017 card, the image
for this card was created 
around November 2017. My
sister provided artistic
direction and assistance.
Cookies 2018
In 2018 we decided to go for
the baking/food theme. We
opted to go for cookies as
that was very Christmas like.
After a trip to ASDA and lots
of baking, I took over 200
photos as we had so many
ideas. Baking, Decorating and
Artistic direction provided by
my sister.
Stocking 2019
We chose handmade as the
theme of the 2019 card. As we
have tonnes of Christmas
decorations, especially lots
that were made in school,
there was a lot to look at and
decide on. Artistic Direction
by my sister and additional
post processing support by
Barry Thompson (Selective
Digital Imaging).
Cookie 2020
Due to the pandemic in 2020 it
was decided not to produce a
new design for my cards this
year owing to a much reduced
print run. I opted to reuse a
design from a previous years
set, I chose from my favourite
set, the 2018 cookies.